Dog Days at the Marine Corp Museum 2018

Another great time at the NMMC! We set up the kissing booth and our bullies entertained the public. We do this to show off our own bullies but we also this to promote the rescue. English Bulldogs unite!

I can poke Miss Mabel’s nose.
Miss Bea trying to give kisses.
Miss Mabel loving kids.
The kids love Mabel.
Miss Bea super tongue.
Miss Bea being a good girl.
Miss Bea being a good girl around the babies.
Mabel was a superstar.
Kids loved coming to the booth.
This little girl was giggler. Miss Bea delivered.
Some kids are afraid.
Miss Bea giving a kiss
Miss Bea making another happy face.
Mabel and Kate showing the kids how it’s done.
Kids love the bullies.
Daisy rocking the hat.
USMC Chesty enjoying the cool floor.
Marine Corps Chesty and his handler.

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